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Headshots are one of the most Important tools an Actor has when it comes to landing the perfect role. Headshots are designed to give Casting Directors and Directors a look at the archetypes you are capable of playing. They are not just simply a nice photo of you. There is way more to it than that.

Your Headshots should be based of your marketing. So what does that mean? if you are marketing yourself as the thug type, then your headshots should reflect the thug type, by showing more photos of looks such as aggression or intimidation, rather than happy-go-lucky smiling. If your Archetype is the warm loving mother, you will be focusing more on warmth and kindness in your shots. This way when people look at your headshots they should instantly be able to pick your archetype.

How do we do this? It's all about having a story behind the eyes, using different methods throughout the shoot, and focusing on different emotions and expressions. We tailor every single shoot to our client's needs. Based off their marketing and they roles they are currently going out for. 


BGM has been working in and around Head-shots, the Film Industry and supportive services for over to a decade. We have a working relationships with local Casting Directors, local Acting Schools and the Working Film Industry, This is how we know exactly what works. Based on our extended experience, we know that the services and products we provide, are of the highest quality and exactly what the industry is looking for when it comes to your Head-shot.

Fast turn around times. We have been working in this industry long enough to know you generally need your head-shots pretty quick. Generally when shooting with BGM once we receive your selections back you will normally have your edited shots back to you within 48 hours. 

Flexibility, we do not have reschedule or cancellation fees. We know that in this industry, your schedule changes at the drop of a hat. We do not penalize for that, We understand that sometimes auditions pop up or your car broke down, or you suddenly booked a role and need to be on set that day. 





30 mins

1 look

2 Edited photos




90 mins

3 looks

4 Edited photos




120 mins

4 looks

6 Edited photos


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